Should I feed pigeons?

There is little harm in feeding pigeons in designated areas, like in parks, but know that once you start feeding pigeons, you'll never be rid of them. This is the inherent danger in feeding any wild animal; once the creature knows you are a source of food, it will return looking and expecting more at a later date. With pigeons, this habit can be particularly ill-advised. Pigeons are so abundant, it won't take long after feeding them for more pigeons to show up, and if you don't have your property fixed up to prevent bird problems, you're going to have a lot of unwanted visitors. Pigeons that think you are a reliable source of food will be looking to roost in your space, and this could mean pigeons in your chimney, pigeons in your attic, pigeons along all your roofs, and pigeons swooping down at you when you leave your home. If you want to feed pigeons, do it somewhere where you don't have to worry about them overwhelming your personal space.

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